Empowering citizens through community dialogue and government cooperation.

Your City, Your Score.

Ossemble is the civic engagement network. We amplify every citizens voice by giving them a platform to enact change on the local level.

Everything from citizens crowdsourcing a pothole that is scored upon completion to starting a petition to move your democracy forward.

Potholes may seem trivial, but what happens with the heavier issues?

Like slow moving change, constant flooding, inadequate policing policies, failed schools or lead in our childrens drinking water.

This is why we focus on local government and municipalities.

Icon Our solution lies in greater civic involvement, transparency, and communication. Ossemble’s features focus on providing people the vehicle to drive change where it’s most impactful.

Local governments have an enormous impact on every level of a republic. Local representation can even challenge federal policies our communities disagree with. The beauty of democracy is that you as a citizen has a voice and that voice is much louder on the local level.

Remember, this is the water we drink, the roads we drive on, the schools we send our children to, and the taxes we pay; this is where we live.